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"DRIVING DISTRACTED...and then it happened" (copy)

On January 18, 2011, a 6-year-old Callaway County, Missouri boy was struck and killed by (his) school bus after getting off the bus at his home.  A Missouri State Highway Patrol report on the accident concluded that the bus driver did not wait long enough after the student got off to clear the area around the bus before he set the bus in motion again. 

One year to-the-day after the accident, the 78-year-old bus driver, who had pled guilty 2 months earlier to second-degree involuntary manslaughter, was sentenced to 4 years in prison.  However, the judge suspended the sentence, and placed the driver on 5 years' probation.  He could not drive any vehicle, let alone a school bus, and must perform 100 hours of community service, speaking to area bus drivers about school bus safety.  The victim's grief-stricken parents did not want to see the driver spend time behind bars.  Instead, they wanted to use the tragedy to educate bus drivers, and riders, on the potential hazards so that no other family would have to suffer the loss of a child.  Members of the victim's family said the case was not about revenge but, about preventing something like this from happening again.

The Missouri Association for Pupil Transportation (M.A.P.T.), in cooperation with the Missouri School Boards Association (MSBA), has produced a video about the North Calloway accident, entitled "DRIVING DISTRACTED...and then it happened." 

M.A.P.T. wishes to thank the MSBA for allowing us to post a link to the video, as a means of educating school bus professionals, and the general public, of the possible tragic consequences of "Driving Distracted". 

To view the video, click here